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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'll walk in your shoes for a while

I've always enjoyed daydreaming.  Do you sometimes look at others and guess what their life might be like?  I do.  So on occasion I may put up a post of someone who's shoes I would not mind walking in for a while - just for fun.  I know I'm very fortunate and I don't want my post to come across as ungrateful.  I believe every life has challenges, both known and unknown.  It just might be great fun to try on another life once in a while, you know.  

Enrique Iglesias - screaming good looks of both his father and mother and one of the most creative talents I know.  On my mission in Argentina I fell in love with the music of his father and I think Enrique may be even more talented.  I can only imagine what it must be like to have thousands of fans adoring you and your music in several languages.  The creative energy of doing something dramatic with other talented musicians must be very satisfying.  I'm guessing the travel can become a drag after a while and trying to find someplace to be alone could be challenging.  I recommend his Euphoria Album, a nice mix. Just my daydream for today.

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