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Sunday, November 21, 2010

wierd as it gets part 2 - polygamy and gay marriage

To say that my life has been influenced by the LDS church is a major understatement.  My life as well as that of my ancestors has been so closely tied to the LDS church for generations that its impossible to talk about the family with getting into a discussion about the church.  But maybe more of that later...

A short polygamy story.  When my great great grandmother was coming across the plains with the Mormon pioneers she was alone with seven children.  He husband had died in Nauvoo.  During the journey the leader of the company fell in love with her oldest daughter and wanted to marry her.  He was already married and she was to be his second wife.  When they arrived in Utah he asked Brigham Young if he could marry the daughter.  Young told the man that the girl's mother, as a widow, needed her daughter to help with the other children.  However, Young said that if he also married the mother he could then marry the daughter.  He did.  On the same day in 1849 he married the daughter (age 18) and her mother (age 37).  He subsequently had children with both of the women.

One of the lessons to me from this story is that the early church leaders were much more liberal in their decisions than we are sometimes led to believe.  They essentially gave no credence to marital and sexual norms of the day and did what they felt the Lord wanted done.  In this case, the prophet sanctioned incest.  They also did not seem to be particularly concerned with gay relationships, more later...

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