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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wierd as it gets

Alan returned from his mission a few months before I did.  The year was 1978 and we were both headed to BYU in Provo.  He found an apartment and started school a semester before me.  We had been best friends for a long time and wanted to room together.  However, he was already settled and had a contract with the King Henry apartment complex for the school year.  I moved into the King Henry complex a few apartments away with some friends of his that had an opening for a roommate.  This was during the early years of Sunstone Magazine, which held it's first annual symposium the next year.  I roomed with some guys who went on to become leaders of the Sunstone organization so I was exposed to new ways of thinking about LDS scholarship.  It was a fun time and there was a lot of energy around.  

Speaking of King Henry...more about the BYU story later ... now I'm going to watch the first episode of the 4th season of "The Tudors".  

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