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Thursday, December 9, 2010


SL Tribune article

The above link is to a SL Tribune article about Utah writer James Dashner’s new young adult novel, The Scorch Trials.  The Trib indicates that the book has proved too hot for Deseret Book, which has declined to carry the popular book on its retail shelves.  The article quotes Gail Halladay managing director of marketing at Deseret Book who said, "This latest book from James Dashner contains language some of our customers would find offensive, as this book is targeted to teenagers,” “We must be careful with all the books we bring in, and we look very closely at the language in the books we carry.” 

The article notes that "Although the bookstore doesn’t have copies of The Scorch Trials on its shelves, Halladay noted that customers can special order the title for pick-up."

Clearly, Deseret Book is only concerned about the book appearing on it's shelves because it might appear improper to some ultra conservatives.  They willingly take your money if you buy it out the back door.  Probably also comes in a brown paper bag. 

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