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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Charity - a thought for Sunday

Yesterday, while I was traveling I arrived at the airport security screening checkpoint.  Like everyone else, I just wanted to get through security with as little hassle and as fast as possible.  This dominated my thinking - so I did something I regret.   In front of me was a young father with a small child in his arms.  They were bundled up in coats and he was also carrying a laptop case/diaper bag.  He knew it would take him some time to get unpacked and set out their stuff in the bins and conveyor belt to make the TSA folks happy.  He urged several of us who were behind him to jump ahead in the line.  I have getting through security down to a science and quickly jumped at the chance to move ahead and get it over.   

I wish I had been more thoughtful and charitable.  I could have easily put my bags on the conveyor and then helped this young father with his son.  At the very least I could have offered to hold the child while the father unpacked.  Why am I so compulsively such a jerk?  Is this the "natural man" that I am to put off and become more Christlike?  Yes.  I hope someone else was more Christlike and I hope next time it's me.

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  1. If you were at the grocery store I can see that. Airport security and TSA... well I'm sure even the Lord would want to get through that crap as quick as He could! I fly out tomorrow... nothing like getting ur junk felt up by some over weight and smelly guy or better yet nude pics of me on a scanner!!! LOL