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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love and hate my family

Why is it that families are the source of so much of our happiness and pain?  I guess maybe it's because we care but also because our skill in dealing with each other is really poor sometimes.  Often my parents are a good example of what not to do.  My dad is rarely open to ideas that are not his own and I can only recall a few times when he expressed praise for his children.  

Why do some people always feel a need to try and change a family member into the person they want them to be rather than just accepting the person they really are?  This approach undermines the value of the individual and leaves lasting scars; not to mention it closes the door on honest communication.

Got a call last night from my unemployed and ill sister who continues to have a co-dependent relationship with my parents.  She has a home, cars, and horses and basically a lifestyle she can't afford and my parents continue to pay her bills.  They are constantly hassling her about her choices and she wants to be free but neither are willing to take any action to change the situation so they continue on in misery.  The same situation applies to my other alcohol and drug addicted sister who lives with my parents.  What a mess.  

Maybe me coming out to them would give them something else to think about for a while...


  1. "...Maybe me coming out to them would give them something else to think about for a while..."

    Sounds like a plan! :)