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Monday, December 6, 2010

So I was thinking about my Sandlot experience.  Sandlot is a great movie about boys experiencing life, playing baseball and growing up during a summer in the 1970s.   In one of the scenes "Yaya/Squints" fakes drowning so he can be rescued by the cute girl lifeguard.  He lets her do mouth to mouth for a few minutes then grabs her in a kiss.   

When I was about the same age there was a group of us boys playing in the yard and an older teenage neighbor boy got involved in the games.  We were wresting and playing on the lawn and of course because he was much larger than us he could pretty much take down whoever he wanted.  We would fight him off but it usually took two of us.  At one point he grabbed me and pushed me down to the ground and laid on top of me to keep me from escaping.  At first I struggled to break free but then I realized I liked his attention and him being on top of me.  I relaxed and stared into his face.  I wanted him to like me.  Too soon he let go, got up, and walked away.

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