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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Most people don't know that the LDS Church actually has no official position regarding evolution.  Because many church leaders have made strong statements against evolution in the past, folks assume that this represents the Church's official position.  It does not.  Actually, there are a lot of examples of evolution in LDS believe, the most obvious is the teaching that we may evolve to become Gods.  

There are also a lot of misconceptions among church members that LDS teachings don't evolve over time.  Some even teach that because they are "true" they never change.  This is also false.  There are probably more LDS "truths" that have changed over time than those that have remained constant.  You can search this out on your own.  In my opinion, it does not change the veracity of earlier ideas but rather represents a growth and expansion of the LDS vision of truth.  

I may post some examples in the future but here is one small example of changed teachings.  There was a time when LDS leaders pretty clearly taught that parents were responsible for the "wickedness" of their children.  Obviously, this has evolved to the recognition that each person is unique and ultimately makes their own choices.  I've sometimes wondered if this change came about when Church leaders discovered that their own children where not what they wanted them to be and this teaching pointed the guilty finger at them.  


  1. I agree. For the semester I attended BYU a religion instructor informed me evolution didn't exist quoting church leaders. That was the day I started applying to the U.

  2. As you said, what is Eternal Progression if not evolution? It seems like its a natural law to me, and why would it not apply to God and to us and to all things living?