Just my rambling thoughts about being gay and Mormon

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I Iknow

There are a lot of things that are gray out there for me, things that I'm not sure exactly where the line between truth and made up junk is, but I do know for sure the following:
  • I know that God loves me
  • I know that my wife loves me
  • I know that I am gay  (it's taken longer for this one and I'm grateful to God who kept me close and safe until my knowledge was sure)
  • I know that Joseph Smith really did open the last dispensation and really did talk with God
  • I know that Jesus Christ will save my soul
  • I know that in the end I will be glad for the challenges I had
  • I know that the Church leaders are doing the best they can but that the Lord let's them learn by their own experience just like the rest of us
  • I know that I need to trust God more
  • I know that I get depressed too easily
  • I know that I need more deep relationships with men
  • I know that I won't abandon the people who love and need me
  • I know that some of the things above don't fit together very well


  1. I echo you on EACH one of those. :)

  2. I know life has been great with you...thanks
    I know I want to live out my years with you
    I know you're a good man
    I know life is good

  3. Iknow that God loves me too.

    I know my wife loves me, as well, even though I constantly question why she still does after all these years and trials of our MOM.

    I know Christ's atonement is universal, and the restoration is real.

    It took a long time to be grateful to be gay and glad that I am. And I have come to know that God is okay with that.

    I agree that the leaders need to learn by their own experience... I just hope they'll have experiences that will help them to better understand mine - sooner than later... Can I wait the passing of this generation?

    With what Marsh said, I know you're a blessed guy!