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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Plan

Here is a quick summary of my testimony of God's plan for his children (us) based on four core principles of the gospel. 

  1. Everything the Lord does is for the welfare and benefit of his children (us).
  2. We are on earth to learn and develop our talents, relationships, and spirituality. The Lord stated that we are here to learn by our own experiences to distinguish good from evil (meaning He is not going to give us all the answers, we need to do some living, thinking, and feeling, to work it out for ourselves).
  3. Wickedness leads to unhappiness (although other things can also lead to temporary unhappiness due to the fallen nature of this world) and righteousness leads to happiness (although other things can also lead to temporary happiness due to the fallen nature of this world)
  4. The atonement of Jesus Christ is the way that has been provided by God to permanently overcome unhappiness, regardless of the source
These four are non-negotiable for me.  I believe them completely so they form the basic foundation of my belief.  If you can't sign up for these four items, then you don't need to read any further.  

OK, with these four basics I can then summarize our existence.  We are here on earth to putter around, experience the good things and bad things of a mortal body and to basically enjoy ourselves and learn as we go.  The variety in human experience is almost so vast as to be uncomprehendable.  Obviously, our Father loves variety and He has the ability to help each of us in very personal ways.

As we go along we develop patterns of doing things that make us happy because nobody likes to be unhappy.  So after a few stints in the unhappiness arena we tend to move on to what makes us happy.  This is exactly God's Plan.  In the end, it is God's intent that we learn that serving others, being kind, honest, and other good things make us happy.  

At some point we all die.  When we die we have not finished learning we've just changed schools.  Ultimately, through the atonement of Christ we will all fully learn the lessons that God laid out in the beginning and we will be happy because of it.  Because everything God does is for the benefit of his children, ultimately He will see to it that each one of us is happy and that we are exactly where we want to be.  How could a loving Father do anything less?  He is a perfect Father. He won't push but he will encourage and provide opportunities that we need.  I may not have faith enough to move mountains but I have faith enough in a loving Father who will do everything he can (and that's saying a lot) to ensure I'm happy.   

So lighten up, smile, and know that it will all be OK.

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