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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some thoughts on BYU Suspending Brandon Davies

OK, I'm going out on a limb here.  I don't know any of the details about how this 19 year old young man came to be the focus of the BYU honor code office and I may be wrong but I disagree with the way BYU (aka the church) has dealt with this situation.  

Brandon's suspension has become the focus of a nation wide media frenzy, which has generated some reports that are favorable toward the church and that commend BYU for its "integrity".  A media organization as sophisticated as the LDS Church and BYU was certainly aware that this would happen.  

But consider the individual involved.  Does this suspension do anything to help him?  If he has sinned or is hurting, does this action in any way help him to heal?  I think not. Brandon and his family were sacrificed on the alter of LDS public relations.  

Think about it.  There are so many unseemly events and circumstances that the LDS Church works very hard to keep under cover but it had no problem throwing Brandon to the wolves.  To me this seems like exactly the wrong approach for an organization that claims to practice the ideal of Christian love and virtues.


  1. My thoughts exactly. Nice pic by the way.

  2. The Honor Code office found out because Brandon, himself, went and told them. And, it was NOT the Church, rather the Salt Lake Tribune, that told the world at large that Brandon was suspended for the reason he was. The only thing that BYU said was he had been suspended from the team. With BYU ranked number 3 in the nation, you KNEW that all KINDS of people would want to know EVERY why and how come of everything that went along with this suspension.

    I agree with your point that this has turned into a national frenzy and feeding upon Brandon. I feel sorry for him. He is still a teenager, still young, and has gone through a lot.

    Happy day.