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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Darryl Stephens as Noah

So really, who does not love Darryl Stephens as Noah in the the series Noah's Arc?  

Set in Los Angeles, the show features the lives of four black gay friends dealing with everyday trials, tribulations, triumphs, and tragedies. The show premiered in October 2005, on the Logo cable-television network and quickly became the network's most popular program (Wikipedia).

I love Noah's character.  He is charming and sensitive and funny and a great friend.  Noah's amazing clothes are another thing I like about the show.  I hope that whoever did the costuming for this series won some kind of award. They fit the characters so perfectly.  

Being somewhat of a clothing diva myself I could not help but take notice.  I graciously allow my wife one shelf and one rack in our large walk in closet...the rest is MINE.  And in case you asked, no 50 pairs of shoes is NOT too many.  

No way in the world could I get away with most of his outfits...but they are great and perfect for him.  Below is a sampling.

 Oops...how did that get in there?

My special weakness is coats so I especially appreciate this one!  With red pants no less!

Damn it ... my fingers slipped up again... 

The one above is not Noah but his friend Ricky.  Just had to include it because I really like the shirt and tie! 

Is this like the coolest wedding coat ever?  It looks like something George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would have worn.

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