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Friday, May 20, 2011

Breakfast with Scot

Just watched the movie "Breakfast with Scot", a Canadian film from 2007.  The story is of a gay couple who unexpectedly end up caring for a young boy with flaming gay preferences. One of the men is a former hockey star who is not so out-of-the-closet.  They each end up learning powerful lessons about love and caring for each other.  The story made me consider what it would have been like to be a gay boy raised by gay parents.  I'm sure it would not all be roses, but for me it would have been wonderful to have parents who could help me relate to myself and the world.  I can hardly imagine how great it would have been to be able to discuss my real feeling with my parents and to hear their advice about how to be happy and survive in a not so very gay friendly world.  Great movie!

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  1. Saw it few months back. Netflix live streaming. Very cute movie with likeable characters. It didn't hurt that the two "dads" are easy to look at.