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Friday, May 13, 2011

John and me

If you're not in Utah you may have missed the latest Mormon scandal as former governor/ambassador John Huntsman told Time magazine this week that ...well read it for yourself below:

"And as for whether or not Huntsman still belongs to the Church of Latter-day Saints, I know less than I did before I asked him. ("I'm a very spiritual person," as opposed to a religious one, he says, "and proud of my Mormon roots." Roots? That makes it sound as if you're not a member anymore. Are you? "That's tough to define," he says."

Kind of refreshing to have a Mormon answer honestly about his feelings toward the church. Obviously, the vast majority in Utah think he is on the fast track to hell despite having a GA for a father and an apostle for his grandfather.  I can relate.  

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  1. Yeah. It's hard even here in California to simply say "I'm Mormon by upbringing and heritage, but I don't accept the theology" and not have other members look at you like you are (1) Satan, or (2) some sad, confused soul who will see the light someday. I think it's the nature of the doctrine. Truly understood, it's an all or nothing proposition.