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Sunday, June 12, 2011

On being seduced and loving it

A few days ago I had some free time and headed to the local mall to look around and waste a few minutes. I bought a shirt at GAP and had just left the store when a cute guy at one of the center mall kiosks caught my eye. It was early in the day and the mall was largely empty. He beckoned to me to come see what he was selling. I thought, what the hell, I've got a few minutes and if a cute guy wants to talk to me, why not? As we talked, I learned that he was from Israel and of Jewish ancestry. I'll call him Noah for this story, although that's not his real name. Noah spoke with a cute Hebrew accent to his English. He had clear olive skin and short jet black hair with a classic middle eastern nose and wide black eyes. 

Noah was about average build and about my height and incredibly friendly telling me about his work and his life and asking questions about me.  At his kiosk he was selling beauty products.  He first took my hands and washed with with sea salt.  Then he insisted that I try some eye cream to smooth out wrinkles around my eyes.  Having him hold my hands while washing them and applying eye creme to my face was beginning to boarder on a romantic experience.  I was loving it.  

Noah said that a few minutes was required for creme to perform its magic so we waited and talked. Contrary to American custom but very much within Middle Eastern norms, all the time we were together he stood very close to me, no more than a foot away, and looked into my eyes continually.  I was willingly falling under his influence.  

I laughed when he told me the selling price for the products he applied to my skin.  Not that I was rude but I could not really imagine anyone paying that much.  I am rarely a sucker and am generally pretty good about walking away from sales where I don't like the price.  In true Middle Eastern tradition we negotiated back a forth for some time.  In the end, I did pay $250 for some products (a record for me).  I consider it the price of some nice beauty supplies and the privilege of having Noah's company for a while.  Pretty pathetic huh? But, I did have a good time!

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