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Saturday, June 18, 2011

pretty in pink

My driver's license is about to expire.  With all the new security requirements everyone in Utah must appear to renew their licenses, no more renewal by mail.  In addition to going to the driver's license office you need to provide several different forms of identification to prove that you really are you.  Too bad because I used to want to be somebody else.  But I digress...So I began to hunt for my Social Security card, which I have had forever, or at least since before I was 10 years old. When I found it - there is was - my immature signature in hot pink ink.  

It's interesting what you notice about yourself after you finally acknowledge that you are indeed gay.  I'm sure I signed it before I was 10.  Memories flooded back about being a teenager and realizing that signing a legal document in hot pink was not very manly.  That Social Security card was kept hidden for many years.  

When I found it - I laughed out loud and was happy.  

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