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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunstone was great

Sunstone was a great experience.  I definitely want to go again next year.  It was cool to meet some of the blog authors that I follow.  I also enjoyed meeting and visiting with some of Mormon history's greatest scholars and authors.  I learned a lot.  Maybe another blog later about the history lessons I learned.

Brad Carmack's class was outstanding and my impression was that it pretty much left everyone speak less and unable to refute his arguments.  You can get his book HERE.

The presentation by Kendall Wilcox regarding the Empathy First Initiative, which you can find HERE was also very powerful. It was very therapeutic for me to sit with a group of other LDS and former LDS gay men and talk about our experiences.  Several young men shared their experiences with the group.  I am so grateful that the gay youth of the church today have resources they can turn to that we did not have available.  These young men are bright and articulate, talented, and creative.  

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  1. You were there? I'm sorry that we didn't connect. Maybe next time.