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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Priesthood Session

Last night in Priesthood session, President Monson said, "May we ever be courageous and prepared to stand for what we believe."  

OK, I can support that.  I will courageously stand up for those who are demeaned and sidelined by the LDS Church.  I will courageous stand by my believe that the church is absolutely wrong in the way it disrespects it's gay members and damages them by encouraging them to act in ways that are inherently harmful and destructive to themselves. 

President Monson and the other church leaders act like they don't have a clue about what being courageous means in the lives of gay Mormons. They don't understand the courage it takes to walk away from the foundation of your entire life because you can't live a lie any longer, or the courage it takes to tell your family and church associates that you are gay, or the courage it takes to act despite the crush of condemnation and shame that is heaped upon you by those who profess to love you.  

Also last night Elder Holland said, the church needs "young men already on the team to stay on it and stop dribbling out of bounds just when we need you to get in the game and play your hearts out."  I wonder if he has considered why the young men feel the need to go "out of bounds".  Could it be that the church does not provide what they need? So typical. No discussion about what the young men need, just what the church needs out of them.  Use them, abuse them, and discard them.  Sounds like the corporation has overridden the "church" again.  

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