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Friday, October 28, 2011

Utah Mormon homophobia continues

It is truly exhausting to be gay in Utah.  When will people stop being afraid?  This article in the SL Tribune had over 900 comments after being posted only 30 minutes.

Mormon ward’s ban on ‘cross-gender’ costumes draws ire


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  1. Thank you for the reference to this article. That was just plain nuts. Not letting children dress up in a Halloween costume because "it is cross gender"??? Really?? Since when did make-believe become "cross gender"? I am honestly embarrassed that people are this narrow minded and stupid.

    Another very troubling aspect of this article was reading that this ward's Bishop justified the flyer banning certain costumes by saying it was "church policy". It is not. Ask the church spokesman. But, because the bishop told others it was, some will believe it because he is "someone of authority" and "knows" what is and is not church policy. Just because someone is a church "leader" and says something does NOT make it true. That is what annoys the heck out of me.