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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book of Mormon -- Musical

"Hello", I'd like to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon -- Musical. "It has so many awesome parts", how can you not like it?  

Or maybe just share my thoughts on how it may influence Mormon culture.  I've only been able to view a bootleg copy of the Broadway play and I'd love to see it live.  I've pretty much memorized the songs. They are great and I loved the show.  It has language that could be offensive but that's part of the show - take it or leave it.  

The musical has been a fantastic hit and won a pile of Tony Awards so it's not going to go away as much as some Mormons would like to "turn it off".  Show companies are already being formed in cities beyond New York and it will be widely produced across the country and likely the world.  So what does it mean to Mormons and their Church?

"Life is about to change for you and me". It's a show so I don't want to over analyze it but I do think it means something to Mormon culture.  Part of what it means is that the LDS Church has grown to the point where it cannot completely control it's message, as it has been so determined to do in recent decades.  The musical completely destroys the Church's control of it's public perception, which in my opinion is not a bad thing. Any organization needs to be judged not just by what the organization says about itself but also by what it's audience, customers, members, and outsiders say about it and how they perceive it. The Church can either fight it and lose or go with it and let it strengthen good things about the Church that it presents. It seems to me the Church has been wise and chosen to just go with it but the members, at least in Utah, have chosen the other direction.

In the end, "I believe" the musical will only be good for the LDS Church. It will likely have a big impact on both how the Church is perceived by outsiders and how it how it deals with the world. The musical along with many other developments, including the Internet itself, are all working to expose and destroy the myths and misstatements that the Church has either perpetuated or allowed to be perpetuated. The truth is always a good thing and while it may be painful for the organization and may shake the faith of some of it's members, "bringing the truth to the world" involves being true with the world.

"Orlando" - The organization will tend to want to back away from and down play doctrine and past statements that have been proven false or misleading. The world will demand total honesty and ultimately it will prevail. The Church has a dark side as do all man made things -- and sorry to burst your bubble, the Church has lots of man made stuff in it.  But this is just an opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff, as the saying goes.  It will help facilitate the blowing away of the man made junk and expose the bureaucratic stuff for what it is and leave the beauty and purity of the gospel exposed for all to see.  If the Church is fundamentally true ("God loves Mormons, and he wants some more") then exposing the bad shit can only polish the beautiful parts.  

It will be interesting to see how the songs and lines from the musical become part of Mormon culture over time - am I'm betting they will

*if you haven't seen the show you may not catch that the "quotes" are from the songs

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