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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Yesterday, the LDS church published an article on it's news website entitled, "An Introduction to Religious Freedom". Gotta love the way they feel an obligation to instruct the world as if they were the experts in everything. Wouldn't a better title be "Our View on Religious Freedom", or "What We Want You to Believe about Religious Freedom"? Anyway, the article contains so many unsupported statements and opinions that it's hard to take it seriously as an objective introductory text on the subject as the title would imply.  

The following is one paragraph from the article with my comments in FUCHSIA:
Challenges to religious freedom are emerging from many sources. Really? or are they just challenges to the LDS church? Emerging advocacy for gay rights threatens to abridge religious freedom in a number of ways. Really? How about listing some? Oh right, it's easier to just make scary statements about gays. Changes in health care threaten the rights of those who hold certain moral convictions about human life. These and other developments are producing conflict and beginning to impose on religious organizations and people of conscience. Kinda like you've been imposing on people who disagree with you (aka: Prop 8)? I think you started the conflict thing...being God's soldiers and all. They are threatening, for instance, to restrict how religious organizations can manage their employment and their property. Yes, it always comes back to somebody's after your money. They are bringing about the coercion of religiously-affiliated universities, schools and social-service entities. You would know, after all you are the experts on coercion. They are also resulting in reprimands to individuals who act in line with their principles — from health practitioners and other professionals to parents. Of course it's OK for you to do whatever is in line with your principles no matter how many people it hurts but God help those who act in accordance with their principles, if the LDS church disagrees with them. In these and in many other circumstances, we see how religious freedom and freedom of conscience are being subtly but steadily eroded. In your paranoia. And of equal concern, the legal provisions emerging to safeguard these freedoms are often shallow — protecting these liberties only in the narrowest sense. In many aspects of public life, religious freedom and freedom of conscience are being drawn into conflicts that may suppress them. Right, avoid conflict and discussion in the open at all costs. Much better to sabotage in secret.


  1. Of course you havent heard of any "Emerging advocacy for gay rights threatens to abridge religious freedom in a number of ways." Because to do so would confront your own beliefs. Look into Iowa and their adoption laws, and the Catholic Church.

    You're insertions above show your obviously biased view, and lack of any sort of understanding. I wouldn't expect you to see anything in the church's favor, much like many church members would do the same with you. So water flows both ways.

  2. I don't think you are as objective as you imply but I appreciate your comment. Just bugs me sometimes that the church seems to want to play the victim card for every discussion of an issue. Big powerful and wealthy organizations need to be taken with a grain of salt when they play the victim.