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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

History - fact or fiction?

Below is a link to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Peggy Fletcher Stack about how the LDS Church is trying to stem the loss of members because of the Church's misrepresentation of it's history.  Terryl Givens, an LDS professor of literature and religion at the University of Richmond is quoted as saying: “I definitely get the sense that this is a real crisis,” “It is an epidemic.”


I wish the church well in this up hill endeavor. It is clearly too late to be proactive and whatever the church does it will be at best an attempt to catch horses that have already left the barn.

I could probably accept just about anything that the organization has done if it would honestly acknowledge its errors and real history. It's the deception and then the excuses and justification when the truth comes out that I have a hard time accepting.  

I fully realize that you cannot judge the past based on today's moral standards, expectations and laws. However, for an organization that claims to be led by prophets who teach moral truths that never change the dishonesty and some past acts by its leaders are difficult to explain. So I wish them well and will look forward to hearing their explanations. I hope to be able to do it with an open mind.

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