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Saturday, January 28, 2012

In an earlier post I said I used to believe that if the Church were true then to be saved you needed to stay and be faithful forever, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved. I also said I don't believe that anymore and that I would explain my reasons in future posts.  Well, here goes...

Reason 1 - This is an amazing world we live in, which is full of variety beyond imagination. If the world and the people in it were created by God, then the world itself testify's that God is more expansive, inclusive, and accepting than any single organization, group, or society. All things are interdependent and all are necessary.

Reason 2 - I'm human and I'm free to choose. Any given culture or belief system is perpetuated because people who are raised in the culture are taught from a young age that the belief system is important and must be perpetuated. If those same individuals were born into another system, they would grow up supporting that system instead of the one into which they were born. The system into which you were born has nothing to do with right and wrong, it's just chance and fate. 
Reason 3 - If God wants everyone to be Mormon he's doing a pretty poor job of it. Seriously, if it's that important I'm sure He could come up with something more impressive to persuade people than billboards along the interstate.
Reason 4 - God gave me a brain. I suspect that he did not want it to be just a place to hang my hat. If God expects me to use all my abilities to make the best decisions I can for myself then it must be equally OK if I choose to join or choose to leave.
Reason 5 - God intends that I be happy. It is not consistent with any reasonable belief in God that he would want me to participate in a culture where I am not wanted, accepted, loved, and appreciated.
Having stated the above thoughts, I'm not saying that being LDS is not important and beneficial to people. I'm just saying it can't possibly be the only path for everyone.

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