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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nazis and Mormons

I thought Nazi Mormons were just those folks that believe that BYU is God's university and have license plates and stickers on their cars with a block letter "Y", known in liberal Mormon circles as the "Mormon swastika".

But no... Hitler enjoyed at least as much popularity among German Mormons as he did among the general German population. What is most interesting is that the General Authorities of the Church at first supported Hitler and some even praised him as a model of clean living.(see the link below that refers to a Church News article from the 1930s). 

This is an interesting historical fact that is relevant today in light of the religious fervor in the current GOP presidential primary. It also leads to some additional questions. How did the "prophet" miss such an important turning point in history and fail to detect the most evil dictator of his generation? 

More importantly, how frequently do people's religious perceptions influence their politics? The answer, I think, is that it occurs constantly and often without even recognizing that it is occurring. Many in the US have a biblical view of how the end of the world is suppose to play out and the politics of their leaders are determined to make it happen. What a stupid course of action. If it's really suppose to happen that way, don't you think God can do it without your pushing us along toward disaster?

Was this what God was going for? Tell the people it will end badly and sure enough they will make it happen. Foster enough hate and bigotry and you can in reality destroy the world. 

What if they believed just the opposite, that good and tolerance and compassion and love would ultimately be the state of humanity? If they were really convinced that God intended there to be peace, would they work as hard to make it a reality as quickly as they are willing to make war and death and hatred a reality?  

It is incredibly sad that "Christians", just because they have some words in a book about last days filled with war and hate and evil are so zealous to insure that it happens. To me this seems to be a profound lack of applying what Christ taught. 



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  3. As one who has seen what the Nazis did to the Jews (at Dachau concentration camp, outside of Munich), and as one who supports BYU football with a "Y" sticker on her car, I did not like your references to Mormons being like Nazis. I know you are angry with the Church, but, the Nazis? That was a bit much, in my opinion.

    I hope things go alright with your job. Sounds like your organization would lose out on a lot if they lost you as an employee.

  4. Thanks for you comment. I don't think I said Mormons were like Nazis. I just thought it was interesting that the Church supported Hitler in the early days his dictatorship. By the way, the first paragraph about the "Y" was a joke...