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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New favorite movie alert

I've been enjoying "The History Boys" recently and it's become one of my favorite movies.   It is a BBC production (2006) based on the stage play of the same name that opened in London in 2004 and later was a Broadway hit.  Many of the actors in the movie are the same actors who performed in the stage play.  

The story is about eight bright and ambitious boys who have achieved top grades in grammar school and are spending three months preparing for entrance exams to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.  

The boys are a close knit group of friends, one of whom is openly gay and who has a serious crush on one of the other boys who is straight. One of the boy's teachers is an older man, (who also played Harry Potter's father) and is known by the boys to be homosexual. A great scene in the movie is when the boys act out a scene in his French class from a French brothel and the Head Master of the school walks into the class.   
The Head Master hires a young teacher to help the boys in their final preparations for the entrance exams.  The new teacher encourages them to be bold and creative in answering essay questions about history in the exams, even to the point of making things up. The boys ultimately succeed in passing their exams and along the way they discover that their new teacher is also homosexual. This leads to some amazing tender scenes as the boys prepare to depart for the Universities. 

The movie is a brilliant coming of age comedy in true British form while also being fantastically insightful and uplifting.  I wonder if this stage play/movie was part of the inspiration that lead to the TV series "Glee".  A great feel good movie.   

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