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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another one under the bus

The Washington Post recently published an article about black people in the Mormon church.  In the article the newspaper quotes BYU religion professor Randy Bott among others.  Professor Bott gives the same explanation that I've heard a hundred times over the years in church meetings - basically the idea that blacks are decedents of Cain and that they were cursed and denied the priesthood.  He cites the Book of Abraham as reference. 

Well, today the LDS church threw their own religion professor under the bus in a statement they released saying that he was not teaching LDS doctrine.  Also, the Church's statement says that the Church does not know when or why the ban on blacks started.  WTF??

If a religion professor at BYU does not know what the real doctrine of the church is, then how can any common member possibly hope to know it?  Lately, it seems the church leaders in Salt Lake change the doctrine to respond to the most recent PR disaster.

If it's not doctrine then why did they allow it to be taught for so many years?  I give them some slack because I realize they are just human.  But, they also claim to be prophets.  Why is it so hard to just admit that there was never any real basis for denying the priesthood to black members except for fear and racism?  If that's not the reason then you would think the Church leaders would stand behind their own scripture.

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  1. Well, in fairness to the Church, in instances involving BYU and other Church schools, the leadership almost can't win. If they tell the professors not to say certain things or give interviews expressing their personal opinions, then they are accused of censorship. If they permit such expressions and then make it clear those expressions are not official Church doctrine, then it's a PR move.

    As to the specific point, here's one thing I don't understand: If the priesthood was denied to black folk because of the "Cain Theory" (so much for not being punished for someone else's transgression - but I digress), what changed so that in 1978 that suddenly no longer mattered?