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Monday, March 5, 2012

of course the church was mistreated.....??

Below is a link to an article from the Salt Lake Tribune today.  It starts out talking about Romney and contraception but ends up with quotes from Sen. Orrin Hatch.  I've quoted a few lines below.

Quotes from the article:

  • “This is discrimination masquerading as compassion, and I am going to fight it,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, argued during an impassioned floor speech. “My oath of office, an oath to protect the Constitution, compels me to.”  Later, Hatch said in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune that he thinks his faith sometimes depends on Mormon politicians to fight for religious concerns.
  • “I can’t speak for the church,” Hatch said, “but I think [it] relies on people like my fellow members here in Congress to carry the ball for them on issues like this.”
  • While the senator wasn’t sure why LDS leaders were silent on the issue of contraceptive heath-care coverage, he wondered aloud whether it could be fallout from Mormon support of Proposition 8, a California ballot proposition that banned same-sex marriage and drew big-time financial backing from LDS adherents.
  • “And of course, the church has been badly mistreated on the Proposition 8 situation,” Hatch said, “so this is one where our friends in the Catholic Church were really carrying the load.”

So, I'm sitting here wondering why I'm paying for a senator to lobby for the LDS church.  Then I'm wondering about "discrimination masquerading as compassion".  Wow, talk about turning the truth upside down. Finally, I'm wondering what planet Hatch was visiting where the LDS church was "badly mistreated" on Prop 8.  

The extent of the LDS church and it's supporters playing the victim seems to know no bounds. When the aggressor claims to be the victim on Prop 8, and providing contraceptive health care to women is portrayed as discrimination against religion, the PR machine is working overtime to turn the truth upside down.

I seem to recall Isaiah saying something like, "woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness..."

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