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Friday, April 6, 2012

It get's better at BYU?

Just watched this "It get's better" video from students at BYU. It's nice. Also, it's encouraging that they felt they could even show their faces and claim their identities in public without too much fear. 

I know, .... what am I doing up in the middle of the night? Must be either too many or too few pills, not sure. Back to the post.

Anyway, this shows significant progress. Boyd K must be rolling over in his grave. Oh, sorry, he's not dead yet...well, maybe mostly dead. Makes me wish for an old person's rapture or epidemic so we could get some new life blood into the leadership. This is one more evidence that it will change. 

It would be beautiful to live to see the church celebrate it's gay members, not just feel stuck with them. Baby steps...

Thanks to MormonLesbian, who is in the video, for sharing the link.  

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