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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Corporation above church...another example

I get physically ill when I think about the horrible policy of the Mormon church that permanently marks the membership records of those who have confessed homosexual activity. This mark remains on the persons membership record forever. (by-the-way I love this new Ray-Ban add)
In my post from yesterday, I talked about Benji Schwimmer's interview on Mormon Stories. Late in the interview he talks very emotionally about what this mark on his church record means to him. It is incredibly moving and sad. 
Today, I refer you to a post on Neal's Pensieve where he relates his investigation into this policy and verifies from an apostle that it exists as described.  You can read his excellent post HERE
This makes me very angry and ill to think about. My reaction is to get as far away as possible from the Mormon church. I've thought about formally resigning from the church but never thought it worth the effort. After all, they have no more influence over me than I give them so what's the point of just leaving versus resigning. Maybe one purpose of resigning is a tangible statement of protest.
This is something I need to think more about. Even if I resign I will never know what records the church maintains about me because everything is kept so super secret. I firmly believe, based on my experience as a Ward Clerk and other callings, that church records never really go away. It's kind of Orwellian.  

It makes me want to file some kind of legal action to obtain full access to any records the Mormon church has about me. Is that possible, or practical?  Probably not since it would cost a fortune to fight them in court.


  1. I have struggled for so long over whether or not to have my name removed from Church records. Reason and logic tell me it's pointless to remain a member, even if in name only. But somehow my heart won't let me do it. At least up until now. I think that I still think of myself as essentially Mormon. And perhaps that will never change.

  2. It is good to know that the Church has taken on the role of remembering and reminding all of ones' sins. It will allow the Savior to take some time off.