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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mormon's against marriage in the UK

Mormon's are a relentless bunch - the very definition of persistence.  But really, how often to you have to keep flogging this losing cause?
RJH over at BCC (sounds like some super secret code) posted about how the UK government has asked for input about formally making same sex marriage legal. He notes that the government "clearly believes it will prove sufficiently popular. All the main parties support the legislation and it will almost certainly pass."  His blog post is worth a read. You can find it HERE
Peggy Fletcher Stack, over at the SL Tribune also wrote a piece about the same UK government action but noted the Mormon's church's response. She wrote about how the local Area Authority Seventy sent out a letter to be read in all Sacrament Meetings. Apparently, the letter says that "same-sex weddings will destroy the institution of marriage for future generations", and "will lead to a constitutional crisis."  You can read her story 
 Blah, Blah, Blah...same old scare tactics that have no basis in fact.  

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