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Friday, June 15, 2012

Something smells fishy here....

The Deseret News was the first newspaper to publish an article on  a new "study" about children raised by same sex couples. Of course the "study" found that the children had more problems than those raised by heterosexual couples. Interestingly enough, the DN also published an editorial praising the study about 2 minutes after it published the story itself. The DN's title for the article is, "Studies challenge widely held assumptions about same-sex parenting".
Any in-depth reading of the "study" shows it was a political ploy not real research. The "study" is being roundly criticized by scientists and investigative reporters because of it's poor methods and obvious right wing agenda. It consists of using very shaky data to try to find fault with the 59 published studies cited by the American Psychological Association supporting the health and well-being of children of same-sex couples. 
I won't get into the details of what's wrong with the study, you can find that for yourself. In summary, it draws conclusions about the relationship between parents' sexual orientation and a child's well being that are really more findings about the role of instability in childhood than same sex parenting. All they really found is that family instability is bad for children ... hardly groundbreaking news. The disgusting part is how they try to link it to same sex couples by bending the data in all kinds of weird ways. The study’s most obvious flaw is that it doesn't compare intact two-parent same sex families with similar two-parent straight families.
This smell's fishy to me. Turns out the National Organization For Marriage (NOW) is behind this political statement in the guise of a scientific study and the founder of NOW is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Directors for the DN. The project was led by Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas and former professor at the evangelical Calvin College (Regnerus also wrote a cover story for Christianity Today encouraging Christian children to marry young).
I'm really getting tired of the Mormon church's back handed, under the table efforts to undermine gay rights. It now seems they are willing to support fake science to achieve their goal. For me this is another piece of evidence to support my conclusion that the DN has stopped being a newspaper and is now just a political rag for the right wing.
This is incredibly sad because in the end it hurts Mormons with gay family members and children in general, particularly those who could be adopted and loved by gay couples.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Is the Church totally behind the DN?

    If children of same-sex couples do have any issues unique to them (a big "if"), how about considering the fact that their parents aren't allowed to marry each other in most states, and if they're married, it's not recognized federally. If that's not instability, I don't know what is. And whose fault is that?!