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Monday, June 4, 2012

When is a change not a change?

Yesterday, at the Pride Parade I was visiting with various people and one of the common topics of discussion was the "Mormons Building Bridges" participation in the parade. The general consensus, as far as I could tell, was that people thought it was very nice of them to participate and that they should be applauded for being willing to stand up and show support. However, most people also mentioned that until the church leadership changed some very gay un-friendly policies, the change was pretty much just skin deep.  I tend to agree with this sentiment.
Jana Riess, over at the Religion News Service, wrote a great piece today that points out one of the real problems with the Mormon leaders policies. In brief, it is that the Church Handbook of Instructions essentially equates homosexual activity with child abuse and could follow you forever on the church records! 

I know for a fact that when you tell a Mormon church leader something in confidence, it probably won't just stay with him. In some cases, it follows you in secret for the rest of your life.

Read Jana's article, its very good. She is correct, the church needs to stop this practice, NOW.


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