Just my rambling thoughts about being gay and Mormon

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Mormon church's new website, Mormons and gays, is disgusting. It is offensive to gay members and panders to the existing false beliefs of church members that gay people are somehow broken. 

But wait, don't leave, there's more...you can be fixed in the afterlife!

Anyone who has participated in the LDS church for a substantial length of time knows what the church leaders think about gay people...and how they treat them. The new web site does not change doctrine or practice. It is a public relations message designed to slow the loss of church members who leave because they are disgusted with the church's stand on gay rights.

Thanks LDS church, for the offer to stay...but it's too late. You did not treat me with respect or fairly. I went through your whole process...more than once. I was abused and demeaned and now I'm much happier to be away from you. I won't even consider coming back until you change your doctrine and apologize for the great harm you have done.


  1. Agreed. I was trying to figure out the audience tonight. Your suggestion that it's to slow the progress of LDS leaving the church b/c of how the gays are treated--makes some sense to me. Who knows.

  2. Have you gone through the process of having your name removed? Boy is that fun! :)