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Sunday, May 12, 2013

BSA policy change is BS

Religions and conservative groups are trying like hell to avoid changing their historic sexist and bigoted policies. Sometimes it borders on the comically absurd. One example is the Boy Scouts proposed policy change that would allow gay scouts - but not gay leaders. 
There are so many things wrong with this and it's so inconsistent and illogical that it borders on the absurd. How are they going to explain this to a gay Eagle Scout who now wants to become a scout leader? Hum...it was OK if you were gay when you were younger, but if you haven't solved this by now, we don't want you... 
This policy change communicates that being gay is something that can be changed, is harmful, and that gay men should not be allowed around boys. It reinforces false myths and is truly BS.
The BSA is trying to craft a policy that acknowledges public pressure to change but that is really not a change at all in its core beliefs. To me this seems quite dishonest.

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