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Sunday, May 5, 2013


I was working in the yard yesterday when my former Bishop (now on the High Council) came by and stopped to talk. We had not talked for several months and it was nice to catch up. His oldest son just got married, his middle son is coming home from his mission soon, and his youngest son is leaving soon for a mission in England. We talked about the neighborhood and he asked how I was getting along. He never tried to draw me into a conversation about the church, which I appreciated. In fact, I prodded him about changes in the Ward and Stake. Apparently, my home teacher (I guess he's still my home teacher) was called to be the Ward High Priest Leader. 
Overall, I've been pretty amazed at the kindness and caring expressed recently by my good Mormon (and few non-Mormon) neighbors. It's refreshing to interact with them as individuals separate from the Corp. of the Pres., which seems unable to change direction, even as it's members move more and more toward tolerance and acceptance of human differences, including LGBT people.

Similarly, I ran into my current Bishop at the grocery store a few weeks ago. He was very genuine and friendly, and not the least pushy. I asked him to express my thanks to the Ward members for their kindness after my wife's recent passing. I told him that I was not quite ready to face sending out thank you cards. Word got back to me through friends that he expressed thanks to the Ward on my behalf the following Sunday. 
I'm not too sure where I'm going, and I'm not too concerned about it or in a hurry to get there. I'm going to do some traveling and make some new friends and enjoy some quiet time. I was a little astonished to hear myself tell my former Bishop yesterday that after things settle down a bit I might drop in on church occasionally, just to keep in touch. Things will never be the same and I don't want them to be. But, there is a very real spark of goodness and truth in the Mormon church and it's people. It's too bad that the bureaucracy and culture screw it up so much. I can't see myself ever doing much more than infrequently attending a meeting until systematic changes for gay members occur along with some acknowledgement of past wrongs. Nevertheless, for now I'm OK living among nice Mormons, even if they don't really understand me.

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