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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get over conference with a great Australian ad

Go ahead and laugh it off

What good is an invitation to come back if nothing changes?

There is a lot of commentary going around the internet and social media about the Mormon general conference going on this weekend. Particularly in the disaffected community, there is a lot of discussion of Dieter Uchtdorf's talk on Saturday inviting those who have left to return. He did not specifically talk about gay members but most of us definitely fall in the category of those who have left the church. He seems like a nice enough guy and I appreciate the European sensibilities and perspective he brings to the Mormon church. Definitely  a needed improvement.
For the first time in memory, Uchtdorf as a senior church leader, actually stated that church leaders make mistakes. In my opinion, this is nice to acknowledge but hardly constitutes a ground-breaking change in direction. It's a little like saying the sky is blue - so obvious that it does not need stating.

More important for the gay community it does nothing to repair the past wrongs and hatred the Mormons have expressed for decades against us. Being invited back with no significant changes to the teachings and practices of the church smacks of another invitation to be abused. 

Personally, I participated in the church for long enough to know that being gay and LDS is a spiritual and live sucking proposition. I will need some pretty strong evidence that I'm respected and accepted as I am before I would even consider going back.